“Out of the Comfort Zone”

Cement cast, various suitcases, pillows, blanket, sheet, plastic wrap, 2 x 4 x 4 m, 2010, Exhibition view, "Cluster", Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

“Out of the Comfort Zone”

The work deals with travels and relocations, issues of my current interest. Airbed, object that is often providing the ultimate comfort during being away from home, is destroyed and perceived as it felt down and shattered on the floor of the gallery. This scene could be literary translated as disdain of the general idea of comfort in life but could go well beyond its primary meaning.

Grayness and coldness of cement casted airbed is giving to the object deferent meaning, contrary from its standard evocations. The concrete cast is made very precisely with all its elements: the texture of the surface, air valve and seams. The cracks are filled with transparent plastic wrap that shines from inside the cast and is giving pulsating vitality to the object, suggesting that something else can/will happen to it, that this is not the end of the story - speaking about "staying out of your comfort zone", when a person gets rid of any "easy/comfort way" ideas in life, the whole new world can be opened.

Various suitcases contribute to the subject matter. Suitcases are alluding airport scenes of extensive rows and towers of suitcases but being wrapped tightly with plastic wrap to be almost non readable, also has more personal meaning such as securing private belongings.

The work is autobiographical; it refers to frequent relocations in my life. Through the challenging feelings of dislocation I often encourage myself with one of my favorite quotes “Stay out of your comfort zone” hence it follows title of the work.