"Process F"

"Process F", recycled plastic (milk containers), 20 x 20 x 18 in, 2017


“Inside”, galvanized painted wire, hematite, 72 x 37 x 25 in, 2016


"Algorithm", Sticks, branches and upcycled plastic bag yarn, 52 x 13 x 14 in, 2014

“The Exclusion Zone”

“The Exclusion Zone”, wooden doll house, twigs, tree bark, papier-mâché, plaster, glue, paint, 35” x 25” x 15” (90 x 62 x 40 cm), 2013

Exhibition view, “30:2”, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

“The Tolerance Pit”

“The Tolerance Pit”, community project

Artists: Anita Sulimanovic and Hrvoje Mitrov
Permanent site-specific installation, Suncokret Center for Community Development, Gvozd, Croatia

“Out of the Comfort Zone”

Cement cast, various suitcases, pillows, blanket, sheet, plastic wrap, 2 x 4 x 4 m, 2010, Exhibition view, "Cluster", Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

"City" (Glyptotheque)

Site-specific installation for 10th Triennial of Croatian Sculpture, 15 old dog houses, light, 2009
Glyptotheque Sculpture Museum of Croatian Academy of Science and Arts, Zagreb, Croatia.

"City" - Site Specific Installation - Barrel Gallery

"City", Site specific installation, 15 old dog houses, electric light bulbs, 20 x 20 m, 2009
Solo Exhibition in Barrel Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia


“I.G.W.T.”, installation, coins (American Dollar, British Pound, Euro), glass test-tubes, rubber sheet, 3 x 110 x 900 cm, 2007, exhibition view, Le Konschthaus Beim Engel, Luxembourg, Exhibition “5 Portrait Positions”


“Coathangers”, site specific sound installation in tunnel space in the bridge over river Rhine, 500 metal coat hangers on wire construction, sound, 200 x 1700 x 300 cm, 2004, Deutzer Brucke, Cologne, Germany, Exhibition “Spaen”

“MFA Thesis Exhibition” - Edinburgh College of Art

“MFA Thesis Exhibition”, sound installation, mixed media, (broken rear mirror, test tube, broken mirror, bicycle red light, metal construction on wheels, leather sofa cushion with zip opening, strip lights, metal tray with oil spillage, light and sound in metal boxes) 2004, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

“Ashes To Ashes, Eye To Eye”

“Ashes To Ashes, Eye To Eye”, collaborative project with architect Martin Fox for the exhibition “Showing space”, wood, photographs, burned paper and photographs of performance made before, 40 x 100 x 180 cm, 2003, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


“Narcissus”, mixed media (glass, mixture of papier-mâché and concrete on chipboard construction painted black from inside), reflection of the ceiling, 35 x 95 x 175 cm, 2003, exhibition view

“Cloning and The Beauty Stealers”

“Cloning and The Beauty Stealers”, performance with casting body parts in plaster, 2001,
“ARTillery”, Multimedia Project of “Punkt” association, Zagreb, Croatia

“Process 5”

“Process 5”, site-specific permanent installation, concrete tiles on the granite rock, replaced moss, Andres Institute of Art Collection, Brookline, NH, USA, 2001